Our trainer, Dena M. Peters, a trainer with over 10 years of experience in the field, was a real professional . . . Mrs. Peters showed the possible applications of the PowerPoint presentation and the power of the visual medium . . . our members were delighted to have this training and requested an additional advanced course — Matthew Pierson, Inland Empire Chapter President, International Association of Workforce Professionals

Dena has demonstrated the ability to work effectively with people of varying social, economic and cultural backgrounds, and at all levels within companies . . . her responsibilities included implementing successful executive and employee fund raising campaigns . . . Dena developed an outstanding working relationship with everyone because of her integrity and pleasant personality. — Doug Rowand, President, Arrowhead United Way

Dena possesses excellent communication and organizational skills. She is very competent in many different computer programs . . . Dena uses her personal initiative to develop better methods of completing projects more efficiently. — Dee Maynor, Human Resources Analyst, City of San Bernardino

I have known Dena to always be professional in her demeanor . . . she was privy to confidential information regarding city employees, departmental disciplinary issues . . . and never broke confidence. — Mike Newbry, Civil Service Examiner, City of San Bernardino

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